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New York Times editorial: DREAMers are fighting hard

Originally posted on the Reform Immigration FOR America’s Blog.

By Sarah

A New York Times editorial this morning makes the case for the DREAM Act. As Congress winds down the current session, the Times writes, we’ve seen some amazing activism from the people the DREAM Act would affect most.

If the DREAM Act passes, credit must go to those who have fought for it most strenuously, at greater personal risk and inconvenience than anyone else: the young people whose futures it will decide. Thousands of students, calling themselves “undocumented and unafraid,” have led an admirable campaign of advocacy under the threat of arrest and deportation.

They have marched hundreds of miles, fasted for days, staged sit-ins and held bittersweet mock graduations. In letters and phone calls, on Twitter and Facebook, the DREAM activists have told their stories to whoever will listen, firmly confronting those who won’t.

Some of those actions have been happening this week. Right now in Texas, dozens of DREAMers are on a hunger strike to show Senator Hutchison their commitment to this fight.

The NYT again:

Gaby Pacheco once hugged Joe Arpaio, a sheriff in Arizona, momentarily disarming his anti-immigrant virulence. Recently, she and five others were in the office of Senator John McCain, a former Dream Act co-sponsor, urging him to summon the courage he now disowns. She reminded him of his promise in 2007 to fight for the bill. He begged off. She persisted: What about your promise? What about my family?

You can stand with Gaby, the strikers in Texas, and all the activists across the country working hard to pass the DREAM Act. Call your senator.

Promise Arizona Urges Sen. McCain to Live Up to Thanksgiving Legacy and Vote for the DREAM Act

DREAM Act would benefit young residents and America

For Immediate Release: November 24, 2010
Contact: Ahlam Said,, (469) 835-7551

Arizona – Today, Promise Arizona pressed Senator McCain to once again support the DREAM Act and comprehensive immigration reform.

“Thanksgiving marks a time of hope, change and gratitude. In contrast to today’s cultural and political divisiveness, the first immigrants who arrived on our shores were met by compassion from the natives. Their first thanksgiving was shared after a successful growing season during which the natives and immigrants worked together,” said Petra Falcon Executive Director for Promise Arizona. “This Thanksgiving, let us remember that partnership of hope that existed between natives and those who immigrated in search of a better life.”

“In these last few days of the lame duck session, our leaders have an opportunity to vote on the DREAM Act. We call on Senator McCain to live up to the legacy of the first Thanksgiving, and to his own legacy, by standing with these youth who are risking everything for the chance to give back to America. We cannot afford to lose any more of these talented students and future leaders to a broken immigration system. America must once again return to appreciate the contributions of immigrants, so that we can all be grateful for what makes America exceptional this Thanksgiving.”

Promise Arizona is a partner in the national movement to pass the DREAM Act and comprehensive immigration reform. It has registered and mobilized thousands of voters in Arizona to bring more residents, including Latinos, youth and allies, into public life.


Faith Hope Vote Celebration

After the polls close today, join us as we celebrate the work of our volunteers who dedicated countless hours to making sure every voice was heard this election. The celebration starts is 8pm-12am at St. Matthews Church 320 N 20th Dr. Phoenix, AZ 85009. Watch your invitation below and RSVP.

Don’t just get mad, go vote!

On April 23rd, 2010, SB1070 became law. It’s not a surprise to say that its passage was a major setback for immigrant rights this spring, injecting a racially charged tone into the mainstream debate and prompting copycat legislation elsewhere. Right after the passing of SB1070, we began to redirect the frustrations and passions stirred by this ordeal into lasting and positive civic engagement. Today marks a major milestone in our effort. However, Today’s milestone will only be a success if YOU VOTE.

Don’t know the where to vote? visit our voting center

We made a short video to show you the cross-section of residents of Arizona, young and old, that have working toward this since late spring.