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Long List of Anti-Immigrant Bills Pass

Remember when we thought Arizona legislators would give it a rest? They’re back in action (again). Tuesday many of you joined us for the morning vigil, meetings with legislatures and finally sitting through a dreadfully long hearing (it went pass midnight!). Thank you keeping up the fight. Your voices ARE being heard.

Here is the the lengthy list of anti-immigrant bills that the appropriations committee passed on Monday:

  • SB 1308: States can create separate birth certificates for children who meet a new definition of a citizen and those who do not, denying birth certificates to Arizona children born to undocumented parents.
  • SB 1309: Creates a new definition of citizen, defining children as citizens of Arizona and the U.S. if at least one of their parents was either a U.S. citizen or a legal permanent U.S. resident. Again, denying citizenship to Arizona children born to undocumented parents.
  • SB 1405: Would mandate hospitals to check the immigration status of all non-emergency admissions and emergency patients, and contact ICE if patients do not have proof of citizenship.

  • SB 1407: (Schools; data; noncitizen students) would require schools to identify and collect data on undocumented students.

SB 1611: (Immigration omnibus) Undocumented people will be unable to drive (car will be confiscated if caught), rent a car, buy a car, register for school (elementary through college), home school, live in public housing, obtain a marriage license in Arizona, etc.

I know you’re just as tired as we are of their political games, but we can’t stop now. Tuesday’s appropriations committee hearing was the first step in a long process, and the bills’ ultimate fate is still unclear, which means we must continue the fight! They still need the support of a majority of the full Senate, a House committee and the full House before reaching the governor or becoming law.

Please send them a quick fax and give them a call to make sure they know their constituents won’t accept bills that will only further divide Arizona and distract us from the real issues that are affecting the lives of Arizonans.

Tell your legislators to “Vote no against SB1308, SB1309, SB1405, SB1407, SB1519 and SB1611.” These bills won’t move Arizona forward and are wasting our tax prayer dollars.

The following legislators voted against these awful bills:

Paula Aboud, Democrat

Kyrsten Sinema, Democrat

Olivia Cajero Bedford, Democrat

Rich Crandall, Republican

David Schapira, Democrat

The following legislators votes for these bills:

Sylvia Allen, Republican
(to her credit, she voted against SB 1611)

Don Shooter, Republican

Andy Biggs, Republican

Lori Klein, Republican

Al Melvin, Republican

Rick Murphy, Republican

Steve Smith, Republican

Ron Gould, Republican

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English: 866-794-6052