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Herman Cain’s remarks

I was surprised to learn this past Saturday from one of the members of the First Institutional Baptist Church of Phoenix, AZ where I serve as Senior Pastor that Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain is an Associate Minister of a large church in Atlanta.  Trust me, I was even more than surprised, actually shocked to learn that the Rev. Mr. Cain has proposed more than once that a deadly electric border fence be built and powered between the U.S.-Mexico border!  With all of the public backlash, Mr. Cain has now been quoted as saying, “That’s a joke . . . that’s not a serious plan.  America needs a sense of humor.”

Humor about electrocuting human beings?  Then, I guess it’s o.k. to make jokes about the lynching of countless African-Americans during slavery and the ugly era of Jim Crow laws in America!

As a longtime advocate  of just, humane and compassionate comprehensive immigration reform and an advocate of environmental and energy stewardship, I am outraged that a “legitimate” candidate for the highest office in the land could propose such deadly and insane method for securing our borders.  Moreover, to read that that outrageous plan came from “a man of the cloth” makes it even more detestable.


Dr. Warren H. Stewart, Sr., Senior Pastor


Phoenix, AZ