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New York Times: A Hearing and Rallies Over a Law in Arizona

WASHINGTON — Hundreds of chanting demonstrators filled the sidewalk in front of the Supreme Court on Wednesday, denouncing an Arizona immigration law that was under debate inside, saying it would spread fear among Latinos in the state.

Protesters from Latino communities in Arizona, carrying crosses and images of the Virgin of Guadalupe, the patroness of Mexico, called on the justices to strike down the disputed provisions of the law, warning that they could unleash a wave of discrimination in the state.

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SB 1070 is Wrong for Arizona

With the uncertainty on what will happen after the Supreme Court convened this morning to hear the oral arguments on SB 1070, Promise Arizona hopes that the Justices will make the right decision for Arizona and the United States. We pray they will allow human rights to prevail over the politics and divisiveness that are hurting our communities.

“The Supreme Court has in their hands the moral standards for our country. Latinos and immigrants are proud to be members of the American community”, said Petra Falcón, director of Promise Arizona.

“SB1070 will not give the opportunity to embrace the diversity of that community. SB1070 is wrong for the United States. The civil rights movement was right for the country. SB1070 is going backwards.”