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After the Supreme Court decision, Promise Arizona will keep fighting against SB 1070

Today the Supreme Court of the United States announced its decision regarding SB 1070 and became the third legal instance to suspend three of the most controversial fragments of the anti-immigrant law. Although the judges confirmed that this law separates families and promotes discrimination, SB 1070 was not eliminated in its entirety and we must continue the fight to prevent another law like this from being passed. The best tool against abuses and injustice is the vote.

“The decision of the Supreme Court of the U.S. shows that SB 1070 is a law that does more harm than good,” said Petra Falcon, Director of Promise Arizona (PAZ). “The judges agreed that there are fragments that are unjust, unconstitutional and that betray the core values of our nation, and this made it clear to our politicians that they will not allow them to continue using laws as political strategies,” she added. “With the upholding of the ‘show me your papers’ provision, thousands of families will remain living in the shadows and fearing the Police rather than relying on them.”

Falcon insisted that this is only a battle that they are fighting against the separation of families, but that there is still a long way to go until the approval of a comprehensive immigration reform and the end of these types of anti-immigrant legislations, including the “show me your papers” provision.

“SB 1070 is not what we want for us, it is an unjust law that separates families, promotes discrimination and does not reflect the core values of our nation,” said Petra Falcon, Director of Promise Arizona. “SB 1070 is not what we want; cost us pain and unjust suffering and also costs us money… is unfair and inhumane.”

“However, we must keep moving forward and elect people who really represent our needs, that’s why it is very important to get out to vote and to motivate others in our community to do it… only through the vote we can achieve a solid and permanent change for our Latino community.”