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DREAMer’s Relief application available

“This has already brought new hope for me and my sister. My sister just enrolled in school, and I’m ready to start college…This will open doors for me,” Milca C., a volunteer with Adios Arpaio, said about the opportunities in applying for deferred action.

Right now, DREAMers like Milca can start working towards their futures by applying for deferred action. The Department of Homeland Security will start accepting applications for the program on August 15.

This is a chance for DREAMers and other undocumented people in our communities to reach their full potential – by either utilizing their college degrees through entering the workforce or returning to school after laws like Prop 300 which denied students in-state tuition if they lacked documentation.

Be one of the first to find out how this affects you by visiting our DREAMers Relief page.

There are still many unanswered questions about how this affects our movement and our work. But we know it’s a small step towards the progress that we’ve fought so hard for, and we know there is more to come.

Please read through the application carefully. We urge everyone to use these online resources as a guide and be aware of scams.

Find important information and the application here. If you have questions visit our website or send us an email at