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Mission and Goals

Promise Arizona (PAZ) is a new membership organization whose mission is to recruit, train, and support a new generation of leaders from across the state to build a new Arizona, one in which all residents have the opportunity to achieve their full potential.    Born out of the fight against an increasingly hostile, anti-immigrant environment, Promise Arizona is building the organizational infrastructure needed to make a difference in the lives of immigrant families.

Arizona is now a divided state. The passage of SB 1070 resulted in tremendous dislocation and fear within the Latino community and an even more radical legislative agenda among some of Arizona’s lawmakers. However, there are millions of Arizonans who reject the divisive politics of immigrant-baiting and believe in treating their neighbors with fairness and dignity. They share a common interest in good jobs, a robust economy, quality education, and safe communities in which to raise children. Uniting individuals to work toward a better Arizona will require an investment in statewide infrastructure and training a new generation of leaders. With adequate resources, Promise Arizona has the ability to help make this vision a reality.

Its 3-year goal is to build an active membership of 5,000 dues-paying members, particularly among young people, register and mobilize 25,000 new voters in 2012, and work collaboratively with allies in the faith, civil rights, labor and business communities to secure successful immigrant integration locally and nationally.

Promise Arizona is led by Petra Falcon, a fourth generation Arizonan who, with five children and six grandchildren, has a deep investment in the state’s future. Her leadership builds on the work she has done over 25 years as a nonprofit community and faith leader in the state.

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