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Get Involved

Connecting Communities for Change is about bringing people together to share individual stories and experiences, discuss issues that affect our neighborhoods and develop ways to take action together. We’re asking you to step up and organize a meeting with people you know, or even people you don’t, to share information and listen to what people have to say, and encourage them to become involved in our movement.

All it takes is getting 10 or more people to commit to attending your meeting. These meetings can take place at your home, a church, park, coffee shop, or anywhere else you think would be an ideal place to get to people living in your community.

Nervous? Don’t be. We’ll provide you training and the support necessary to conduct a successful meeting with your community members.

Join us in Connecting Communities for Change and help us build this movement together.

Click here to sign up to host a meeting

Join Promise Arizona as we gather with our community leaders to decide on the issues that Promise Arizona will fight for in 2011 and 2012 to further improve our community! Food and refreshments will be served.

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