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Petra Falcón on today’s ruling on the immediate enforcement of the Section 2(b) provision of SB 1070

This is a sad day for our State.  The implementation of the ‘show me your papers’ provision of SB 1070 will move our state backwards.  We have worked these past two years to stop the division and work toward solutions to a broken immigration system.

We need to hear the voices of the families in our community who will suffer from this law.  We also need to hear from our leadership, especially our faith leaders, to ask the Governor to intervene and work to rescind the 2(b) provision and the entire SB 1070.

To the families being impacted by SB1070: know that Promise Arizona and many other organizations are working hard to assist the Latino community and build our power through voter registration and casting votes on Election Day. Only by becoming active can we prevent bad legislation like SB 1070 from passing in the future.

Our message to the community is to be always alert, but not fearful; to remain strong, to protect yourselves and keep faithful.  Please, get informed and know your rights.

Remember, racial profiling is unconstitutional. If you feel that you have been unjustly detained due to your race, the color of your skin, or your accent, call this hotline to report the abuse.  1-855-RESPETO (1-855-737-7386).

With the first case of abuse and racial profiling reported, we can go back to Court and fight back. The enforcement of this law is also the opportunity to eradicate SB 1070.
Be faithful. – Petra

Undocumented immigrants advised on ‘deferred action’ program

Hundreds of undocumented immigrants turned out at each of five sessions Saturday to get advice from immigration lawyers on how to properly complete the application for the deferred-action program.

The six-page application could pave the way to allowing undocumented immigrants to stay and work in the U.S. for two years without fear of deportation. Attendees asked a range of questions, from what will happen to the program if President Barack Obama is not re-elected to whether it will lead to citizenship.

Neighborhood Ministries hosted the daylong “No Dream Deferred” event in Phoenix that was sponsored by the Phoenix School of Law, Promise Arizona and others.

Lourdes Esquibel of Phoenix came to find out if misspellings of her 19-year-old son’s name on various forms would cause problems.

“If he could be here without having issues, it would be a huge opportunity for us,” she said.

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Arizona Immigration Activists Mobilize Latino Vote

A ‘Sleeping’ Voting Bloc

True to his word, Rodriguez heads out in 111-degree heat to canvass in the Phoenix neighborhood where he grew up. His partner is fellow activist Maxima Guerrero of the group Promise Arizona.

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After the Supreme Court decision, Promise Arizona will keep fighting against SB 1070

Today the Supreme Court of the United States announced its decision regarding SB 1070 and became the third legal instance to suspend three of the most controversial fragments of the anti-immigrant law. Although the judges confirmed that this law separates families and promotes discrimination, SB 1070 was not eliminated in its entirety and we must continue the fight to prevent another law like this from being passed. The best tool against abuses and injustice is the vote.

“The decision of the Supreme Court of the U.S. shows that SB 1070 is a law that does more harm than good,” said Petra Falcon, Director of Promise Arizona (PAZ). “The judges agreed that there are fragments that are unjust, unconstitutional and that betray the core values of our nation, and this made it clear to our politicians that they will not allow them to continue using laws as political strategies,” she added. “With the upholding of the ‘show me your papers’ provision, thousands of families will remain living in the shadows and fearing the Police rather than relying on them.”

Falcon insisted that this is only a battle that they are fighting against the separation of families, but that there is still a long way to go until the approval of a comprehensive immigration reform and the end of these types of anti-immigrant legislations, including the “show me your papers” provision.

“SB 1070 is not what we want for us, it is an unjust law that separates families, promotes discrimination and does not reflect the core values of our nation,” said Petra Falcon, Director of Promise Arizona. “SB 1070 is not what we want; cost us pain and unjust suffering and also costs us money… is unfair and inhumane.”

“However, we must keep moving forward and elect people who really represent our needs, that’s why it is very important to get out to vote and to motivate others in our community to do it… only through the vote we can achieve a solid and permanent change for our Latino community.”