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Demand Election Reform in Maricopa County

Demand Elections Reform in Maricopa County

Demand Elections Reform in Maricopa County

November 15th, hundreds of people from Arizona will be joined by supporters traveling from CA and NV in a protest rally to deliver petitions from around the county, and demand accountability from the County Recorder’s Office.

When: Thursday, Nov 15th, 2012 4:00 P.M

Where: Maricopa County Recorder’s Downtown Office, 111 S. Third Avenue, Phoenix AZ (Corner of 3rd Ave and Jefferson)

Organizations include: Promise Arizona in Action, Campaign for Arizona’s Future, UNITE HERE, CASE, Citizens for a Better Arizona, AZ Center for Empowerment, One Arizona coalition, MoveOn, Presente, and City Council members.

RSVP: Voting Rights Rally

Arizona Immigration Activists Mobilize Latino Vote

A ‘Sleeping’ Voting Bloc

True to his word, Rodriguez heads out in 111-degree heat to canvass in the Phoenix neighborhood where he grew up. His partner is fellow activist Maxima Guerrero of the group Promise Arizona.

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Jeff Zetino Talks On Fox News “We are looking for leaders”

Jeff Zetino thinks we need to grow and heal and find common ground!  We need to look beyond the politics of fear!  We are going to educate voters and look for leadership!

We are looking for leaders, especially from our high schools and colleges. Why not get involved and help bring change to your community, to your school and to your family!

PROMISE ARIZONA, A promise for your future! 623.336.5126